Do-It-Yourself Sod Kits

Save time and money with a complete kit to lay a new sod lawn yourself

Pacific Sod Kits come with everything you need to do the job right, plus you save an extra 10% on your entire order.

Do-It-Yourself Pacific Sod Kits include:

  • Pacific Sod Turfgrass
  • Soil Amendments
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Maintenance Fertilizers
  • A Fertilizer Spreader
  • A Sod Knife

Minimum order for a kit is just 210 square feet. The soil amendments and fertilizer will be delivered in amounts that correspond to your sod square footage. Remember, with the complete kit and a 500 square foot order, delivery is free. And you'll always save an extra 10% on your total order with the complete kit.

Items You Will Receive

Fresh Sod

Every kit starts with sod. Choose the best sod available for your yard. Try our Medallion Fescue grasses for beautiful year-round green color. Determine how much sod you'll need in square feet to place your order

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are included to condition the ground before you lay sod. For most areas, adding organic mulch soil amendments will add nutrients, and organic material to the dirt. For sandy soils, it improves water holding capabilities of the soil, and for clay soils, amendments improve drainage and aeration within the soil. We recommend soil amendments for all sod installations.

Starter Fertilizer

A pre-planting fertilizer comes with eack kit to ensure good rooting and healthy initial growth. With Nitrogen and Phosphorus, the new sod gets energy for new growth and rooting. Spread starter fertilizer right on top of the soil before you lay new sod. A slow-release formula helps this fertilizer do its job so the inital watering schedule doesn't dilute the nutrients needed at this time.

Maintenance Fertilizer

A balanced maintenance fertilizer that keeps your lawn healthy after it is established is an easy way to keep the grass green after you install it. We use reliable all-purpose fertilizers that can be used specifically for turfgrass or for your entire lawn and garden.

Fertilizer Spreader

A quality hand-held spreader to evenly distribute the fertilizer. We choose only the best spreaders because we want them to last. Months after your lawn is established, you can continue to use the spreader to fertilize and maintain your lawn. Works great for over-seeding, too.

Sod Knife

Our commercial installation crews prefer to use this curved bladed knife to trim and make cuts in sod. Commonly used as a utility, carpet or linoleum knife, we include this knife in our kits because the blade is strong and sharp, and makes quick, clean cuts where you need them in the sod.