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Our dedicated installation crews take pride in our work to assure an excellent finished job. Pacific Sod's installation services provides the industry with an alternative to large installation crews and the search for intallation equipment. Whether it's standard five, or nine square foot pieces of sod or our Big Roll, we offer an experienced staff and competitive pricing for sports fields, golf courses, and large commercial/residential sites.


Big Roll installation saves time and money. Our installation crew will take your prepared site and professionally install our sod, leaving you a newly planted turf area to be proud of. With, 50 years of experience in the california sod industry and backed by Pacific Sod one year guarantee, our installation service and quality turf products can make the difference on your next large turf job.


Each Big Roll can cover 400 square feet. Because every roll is approximately 100 feet long, there are fewer seems between pieces to net together compared to regular cut pieces.


Get a quote today (800) 942-5296 Every job is unique and we can help provide your installation solution - whether it's one truckload of sod, or up to 80,000 square feet per day.