Medallion Fescue and Hybrid Bermudagrass


For beauty and toughness, choose from one of Pacific Sod's excellent Medallion varieties. Using only top-quality tall and dwarf fescue grass, our Medallion varieties will give you a deep root system that helps your lawn tolerate drought conditions better than bluegrass and the year-round green that you don't get from hybrid bermudagrass.


For special situations, choose a specialty grass. There are a number of turf grasses that are grown for particular uses such as troublesome environments or for showcase ground cover.


For pure toughness, choose our hybrid bermudagrasses. With has a strong network of roots and rhizomes, hybrid bermudagrasses take rough treatment, filling in damaged areas as well as withstanding temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, bermuda goes dormant, turning golden brown during the colder winter months, greening up just in time for spring. Bermuda must be maintained with a reel-type mower.