The Pacific Sod One Year Guarantee

We Stand Behind Our Product

If in any way you are not satisfied with your lawn, simply call us within one full year of your delivery date and we will send you as much fresh replacement sod as needed to repair your lawn absolutely free (Some restrictions apply - see details below).

How To Protect Your Investment

Your Pacific Sod lawn was grown under the careful guidance of the industry's top professionals using the most modern horticultural practices. Remember, your new sod is a living, breathing lawn, and should provide you with years of enjoyment if you take care of it.

Proper irrigation coverage and application rates are of the utmost importance in maintaining a healthy lawn. Almost all brown spots in lawns are directly traceable to the irrigation system, sprinkler coverage or watering schedule.

In the event a brown area appears in your lawn, call your original retailer or contractor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE for recommendations. If they are unable to make suggestions that solve the problem, then call the Pacific Sod office nearest to you. We will make recommendations for correcting your problem. We may, at our discretion, send a representative to look at your lawn. We may ask you to increase your watering time, apply a fungicide or other suggestions to try to solve the problem. You must follow all these recommendations before you can qualify for any replacement sod. You will be instructed where to pick up your sod, or you may have it delivered to your home for a minimum delivery charge. Our guarantee is limited to replacement sod only. Pacific Sod will not be held liable for labor charges, fungicide, herbicide or insecticide treatments or delivery fees or other charges incurred in solving your problem.

One Year Guarantee Details

To qualify for replacements sod, the new Pacific Sod lawn owner must demonstrate that:

Proper ground preparation, installation, watering and care were applied;

A permanent underground irrigation system was installed and that sprinkler coverage is complete and uniform;

Sod was installed on the day of arrival. Late afternoon delivery was installed no later than noon the following day;

Sod was not planted in more than 50% shade;

Sod was not damaged by pets;

Sod was not burned by chemical application (fertilizer, insecticide, etc.);

Suggestions to fix the problem were attempted correctly;

Sod was not previously replaced under this guarantee.


Sod is perishable and must not be allowed to remain on the pallet or in stacks. Proper watering is essential to the establishment of your new sod. During the First Week keep the sod and soil beneath completely soaked--it is almost impossible to over water during this period. As a general guide, water 3 times a day during this critical first week. Watering times should be approximately 10-15 minutes. These numbers may need to be adjusted in inland valleys during high temperatures. Frequency and length of watering will depend on how warm, how windy and how long it takes the lawn to dry out after watering. During this first week, the goal is to keep the sod and soil moist all the time.

During the Second Week, slowly reduce watering cycles and lengths gradually, allowing the soil to firm. This will also make it possible to mow the grass for the first time by the end of the second week without leaving ruts and indentations ion the sod. After the first mowing, gradually decrease watering to a more normal schedule for your area. If the lawn has significant top growth, only remove one-third of the grass blades at any one mowing.