History of Pacific Sod

Pacific Sod was originated in Southern California as a family operated agriculture business offering only the highest level of quality and customer service. It remains very much a family owned and operated farming company to this day. The families of Richard and Beth Rogers - the owners of Pacific Sod - have been involved in Western agriculture and horticulture for over 100 years!   Beth's grandfather was a pioneer farmer, rancher, and oilman in Southern California starting the family farming tradition in 1886.


In 1951, Mrs. Rogers's father purchased 8,000 acres on the Oxnard farming plain in Camarillo, California from the American Crystal Sugar Company. The family farmed sugar beets and then lima beans and various other row crops until 1968. At that time, 100 acres of farmland was designated for sod production, and Pacific Sod was born.


Over the years, sod production expanded into additional acreage at the Camarillo location. In 1982, Pacific Sod, then known as Pacific Green Sod, purchased Nunes Turfgrass. With their patented harvesting technology and fantastic reputation, Pacific Green-Nunes was now twice the size of the original company, and could now service both Northern and Southern California.


Pacific again saw the opportunity for growth and in 1988, acquired Cal-Turf. Cal-Turf was the pioneering sod producer in California, starting operations in 1958. The Cal-Turf merger was hugely successful and doubled the company size again. In fact several employees from both Nunes and Cal-Turf are still with Pacific Earth Resources today. While PER originally concentrated on sales to landscape contractors and commercial accounts, PER also sells direct to the public, and are happy to provide a wide range of services to the landscape industry as well as homeowners and Do-It-Yourself 'ers.


Through innovation and research, PER has accomplished much in nearly a half-century of sod production. Continuing to develop new and better products has allowed PER to remain the industry leader for turfgrass. Today, our product line includes soil amendments, fertilizers and more. We have farms located throughout California, ensuring the freshest material possible delivered direct to your project.


Agriculture has been a prominent part of society, history and commerce for the Rogers family. And since there is something special about surrounding yourself with plant life, we are dedicated to bringing our clients the magic of a planted environment.


Thanks for visiting our site--come by the ranch sometime! We'd love to hear from you.


Richard and Beth Rogers

Owners, Pacific Earth Resources